Why Raw Feed?

Along with attention and exercise, one of the best ways to love and care for your dog is to feed a natural and healthy diet.

As humans we know that if we eat a well-balanced diet, we will enjoy better health, be fitter, and have more energy; it is the same for our favourite 4-legged friends.  A poor diet for a dog can cause allergies, heart conditions, obesity, and joint problems!

Feeding your dog a species-appropriate diet results in a healthier and longer life. Over the past decade, we have become used to feeding dogs convenience foods such as highly processed kibble and tinned food containing nasties such as preservatives, fillers, flavourings, and other additives - in reality, a junk diet!

A species-appropriate diet for canines would be raw meat, bone, and vegetables.  The correct diet can have amazing benefits for your four-legged friend including a healthy immune system, glossy coat, better oral hygiene, and increased energy!  A raw fed dog will also produce smaller stools, as your dog is able to digest a raw diet very efficiently as opposed to a ‘junk diet’, most of which comes out the other end!

A raw food diet is what your furry friends would choose if they could, what dog doesn’t enjoy real meat!

There are many benefits of feeding raw food…


Healthy teeth and gums, together with sweet breath


Increased energy


Easier to Digest + Absorb the Nutrients


Improved all round health, potentially reducing vet bills and increasing lifespan

RAW Feed Calculator


Based on 2.5% of your dog's bodyweight


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