We love hearing from our customers and their 4-legged friends! Dogs thrive on Basil's Raw Dog Food and it shows with the reviews we have received!

"Our boy Benji has been fed on Basils since he was a pup. The meat always smells fresh and his bowl is always licked clean. Top-quality meat and excellent customer service! Happy dog and happy owner."  C Cashen, Dec 2020

"My fur babies absolutely love Basils, it always looks and smells fresh, no strange smells, which I have found from other raw suppliers. Top-quality ingredients, and a good amount of crunch which they seem to love 😀 Pixie and Nika always clear their bowls, happy healthy girls, which makes for a happy mummy. Also brilliant customer service. I would highly recommend Basils." J Cree, Sep 2020

"After my Frenchie developed epilepsy, I started doing research into diets and decided a raw diet may help her condition.  A lovely lady from Basils took the time to call me and discuss everything and sent me a generous free sample. Clara is loving their food and we have now ordered a big pack for her. thanks for your help" C Horler, Oct 2020

"Excellent quality food. My dog loves it and is thriving on it. Would highly recommend it." B Bell, Aug 2020

"Harp can be super fussy with her food but her first meal from Basil’s was gone in seconds from the bowl.. the second one even quicker! There’s no ‘dog food’ smell and the meat looks like it’s really good quality. The packaging means that even as a non-meat-eater it’s not an unpleasant experience handling it. The quality and attention to the packaging meant that I felt reassured the food would remain frozen if delivered when I was at work. Second rescue dog due to move in with us soon and feel happy I’ve found a decent food for both" C Harp, May 2020

"My mini sausage and whippet, became less enthusiastic every time I fed them, always leaving food and I had to coax them to eat. We having cooked chicken thighs and Wainwright's kibble. A friend suggested the butchers in Marlborough where he bought raw dog food. In a nutshell, we haven't looked back, they love eating now, and lick their bowls clean and straight away." J Hickson, Jan 2020

"We have 2 Cocker Spaniels and 1 Sussex Spaniel and all 3 of them love Basil's raw food. All 3 have jumped straight into Basil's as soon as they were old enough. The quality of the food is fantastic and our 3 would eat the whole box in one of we would let them! All three have lovely coats and much healthier teeth compared to our first dog who never had Raw. Delivery is always on time and as expected. Basils even offer a bulk buying service which we will be taking up in the next few weeks. In short, always helpful and the quality is always fantastic. 3 happy spaniels mean 2 very happy owners. James & Teri(human people) Hector, Mabel, and Agatha (small furry people)" J Marston, Jan 2020

"My miniature dachshund puppy absolutely loves this food. I was sick to death of buying tinned food and kibble that she would have a couple of mouthfuls of then refuse to eat anymore. I tried the sample box first and it was a great success! she wolfs the lot down in less than 5 seconds and then moves the dish all around the floor making sure she's devoured every trace of it.
Her coat is so shiny and she has endless energy. I can't believe how much she enjoys her food now." S Bowden, Jan 2020

There are many benefits of feeding raw food…


Strong Teeth + Good Dental Hygine


Slow Release Energy


Easier to Digest + Absorb the Nutrients


Health Coat + Skin

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