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Ordering + Delivery

Due to the nature of our product, we can only ship to mainland UK and postcodes that offer a next day service. Our delivery policy lists the areas that we don't currently deliver to. To check whether we deliver to you, simply enter your postcode when you check out.

We charge a flat rate of £5.95 per weekday delivery and £8 for a Saturday delivery. For full delivery information please see our delivery policy.

Basil’s Raw Dog Food is dispatched frozen to put straight into your freezer.  If you know you will be out you can inform the carrier of a safe place on the delivery page when you place your order.  You could also designate an alternative address or select a more convenient day during checkout.

All orders placed before 11am Tuesday to Thursday are dispatched for next-day delivery. Orders received after 11am Thursday and before 11am on Monday will be dispatched within 2 working days. If you would like your Basil's Raw Dog Food delivered on a specific date, please use the calendar during checkout. Deliveries are sent on a 24 hour service with DPD. 

On your delivery confirmation email there will be a contact number and link for DHL, connect with them and follow the on-screen information. If you leave your email/mobile number on the order DHL will contact you with a delivery window. Go to for online tracking.

In the first instance please follow your tracking link and contact DPD. Please email us on for support with any missing deliveries.

Woolcool is made with 100% felted sheep’s wool! It keeps your Basil’s frozen but has many other uses – from bedding for pets, homesteads for hedgehogs to lining hanging baskets. Find out more on our environment page.

Our Products

We have carefully chosen our meat suppliers sourcing our quality British meat from farms in the South West of England. Basil’s Raw Dog Food is made using meat fit for human consumption. 

Dogs and their ancestors have been eating bones for thousands of years.  Bones are the natural storehouse of minerals and their inclusion in Basil’s Dog Food provide the perfect balanced source of minerals for your dog.  The bones are conveniently minced up in Basil’s Raw Dog Food making them safe to eat and readily digestible for your dog.

Yes absolutely! All our packaging can be recycled through your household collections and our insulating Woolcool can be re-used! Find out more on our environment page.

Due to the nature of our product, we can only ship to mainland UK and postcodes that offer a next day service. Our delivery policy lists the areas that we don't currently deliver to. To check whether we deliver to you, simply enter your postcode when you check out.

Yes, allow your Basil’s Raw Dog Food to defrost slightly and whilst still partially frozen cut up the chub into portions as required.  Put portions into bags or containers and refreeze.

food plans

We know that you may need to pause and adapt your subscription from time to time, if you log into your account you will be able to open your subscription orders, change your payment, put the order on hold or change the item on your subscription.

Yes, you can add a one-off item or box to your order.

raw feeding

Check out our Raw Feeding Guide for more information on how much to feed your 4-legged friend. 

If your dog has any minor health issues, eg allergies, loose stools, windy tummy or bad breath, switching to Basil’s Raw Dog Food can result in marked improvements.  If your 4-legged friend has serious health issues we would always recommend that you consult with your vet or nutritional advisor before switching diets.

Basil’s Raw Dog Food is complete, consisting of meat, bone, and vegetables so you don’t need to add any dry foods or carbohydrate-based extras. Of course, if your dog has any special dietary requirements then adding a suitable supplement is absolutely fine.

You can give your dog small quantities of natural and healthy treats; these are particularly useful in training. 

Our four-legged friends are very well equipped to deal with bacteria. As humans we are able to deal with a certain amount of bacteria but dogs are on another level! They would have to be when you consider what they put their noses into and what they put in their mouth on their daily walk!

A dog’s saliva contains an enzyme called lysozyme which will destroy any harmful bacteria.  Food then enters a dog’s stomach which is highly acidic, even more so than ours as humans. This extremely acidic environment efficiently neutralises bacteria.  Of course, the fact that dogs are so well equipped to cope with bacteria doesn’t mean that we at Basil’s Raw Dog Food are complacent.  We only use very fresh human grade meat in our raw dog food and comply with strict hygiene procedures.  Needless to say - we as dog owners should always be aware of hygiene, and washing hands when handling raw meat. For more information on hygiene, see the PFMA guidelines

Dogs have been chewing and digesting raw bones for thousands of years, it is completely natural and what they would eat in the wild. Raw bones contain minerals and nutrients to keep your dog healthy, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamins A, D and E, essential amino acids including Lysine and essential fatty acids. Chewing on a bone is a natural activity resulting in a happily occupied and contented dog. Bones can also keep your dogs’ teeth clean and the gums healthy acting as a natural toothbrush. Cooked bones however should never be given to dogs as cooking makes bones brittle and liable to splinter. Your dog should be supervised when given a bone, particularly the first time.

Basil’s Raw Dog Food can be fed to puppies from weaning onwards, It is easily digested as the meat, bones and vegetables are all safely minced. The nutrients contained in Basil’s will give your puppy an excellent start in life.  Please also refer to our feeding guide.

Often just switching overweight dogs to Basil’s Raw Dog Food results in a natural adjustment to a healthy weight without any apparent effort.  Otherwise giving your dog slightly less than the recommended amounts (as per our feeding guide) will usually result in weight loss.

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