Feeding Guide

As with our own diet, your four-legged friend needs a varied and balanced food intake. There are many factors to consider including age, amount of exercise, overall body weight, and breed when creating a food plan. Feeding raw may seem a little daunting, but we promise there are many benefits. Here is our guide to help, it's not as complicated as it can sound!

The Raw Basics

Your dog's diet should be based on meat, bone, and vegetable, these are the foundation elements of a balanced dog diet. To make sure your dog gets a truly balanced diet, where possible mix up the varieties, as each of our raw foods will have different nutritional qualities your dog may need!

Younger more active adult dogs, the sort inclined to chase their tails, would require 3% of their ideal bodyweight in food per day, more elderly and sedate dogs only 2%.  A lot of dogs would fall somewhere in between 2.5% of their ideal bodyweight in food per day. We like to feed twice a day but once will work if it suits your dog.

Breed and individual metabolisms will also have a bearing on the amount to feed, you may need to experiment a little with a starting point of 2.5% and adjust accordingly.



40g - 150g per day


  100g - 300g per day


200g - 600g per day

X Large

400g - 1350g per day

Puppies have higher calorie requirements than adult dogs, we suggest offering around 8-10% of their bodyweight at weaning, gradually decreasing to 5% at 6 months then continually decreasing to 2-3% at adulthood.

(Please ask your vet for further guidance if required.)

Switching to the Raw Side

Your Basil’s Raw Dog Food delivery will arrive frozen, keep your raw dog food chubs in the freezer and defrost in the bottom of your fridge in a sealed container, as you would any other meat-based product.

Most dogs can’t believe their luck the first time they are given Basil’s, some dogs will have a flavour preference and that’s ok - just adjust your next box to suit your dogs taste! Starting your dog’s new diet does not need to be gradual, you can switch over for the next meal. We suggest starting with one variety such as chicken and then introduce more over time.

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after use. All our raw food is not intended for human consumption. Use within 48 hours of defrosting. 


Improved digestion


Healthy teeth and gums, together with sweet breath


Improved all round health, potentially reducing vet bills and increasing lifespan

RAW Feed Calculator


Based on 2.5% of your dog's bodyweight


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