Our Environment

Woolcool liners

We use 100% felted sheep’s wool to keep your Basil's Raw Dog Food frozen while it's en route to you. This British-made wool liner is washed naturally, scoured then sealed within recyclable industry-grade micro-perforated polyethylene wrap. This brilliant box liner helps to keep your four-legged friends’ raw food frozen during transit, and it has loads of uses once it's arrived!

You can reuse the wool liners for many things, such as hanging baskets, pet beds, rabbit hutches, craft and homework projects, protecting plants from frost and slugs, pipe lagging, pads for kneeling…basically anything!

100% reusable or recyclable


Renewable energy

We generate 50% of our electricity with our own wind turbines and 50kw solar panels. We recycle all our waste heat from our fridges and freezers into heating for our water and have a series of water-saving measures in place which have reduced our water usage by 60% over the past few years. Our aim is to be a carbon-negative business and farm.

All British ingredients

Over the last 10 years we have carefully selected our meat and vegetable suppliers. We source all our ingredients from British Farms, taking care to make sure they meet our criteria.

Our wild venison, sourced from the South West, is shot with copper shot, to make sure your dog has a safe dinner.

We only use human grade meat in our chubs!


our farm

Elston Farm is part of several regenerative farming initiatives including a silvopasture trial. This significant project will assess the positive impact silvopasture has on carbon capture, biodiversity, water quality, flood reduction, soil health and animal behaviour and health, and any as-yet unknown benefits on the environment and productivity.

100% Natural + Made in Devon

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