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Q. How do I feed Basil’s Dog Food and how much?

A. When your Basil’s Dog Food arrives, put it straight in to your freezer.

Take one or two packs out and once defrosted, put in your fridge in a suitable container. It is a good idea to rotate the packs to give your dog a variety of feed, much as you would do for yourself!

As far as quantity required, feel free to use the feeding guide but remember it is just that – a guide. There are so many factors to consider such as age, amount of exercise, overall body weight and condition, breed etc.

The most important thing is for you to monitor the health, weight and general condition of your dog and feed accordingly.

Q. What are the main benefits of feeding raw food to your dog?

A. There are many benefits of feeding raw food including the following:-

A glossy coat.
Healthy teeth and gums, together with sweet breath.
Improved digestion.
Increased energy.
Improved all round health, potentially reducing vet bills and increasing lifespan.

Q. Are there bones in Basil’s Dog Food?

A. Dogs and their ancestors have been eating bones for thousands of years.

Bones are the natural storehouse of minerals and their inclusion in Basil’s Dog Food provide the perfect balanced source of minerals for your dog.

The bones are conveniently minced up in Basil’s Dog Food making them safe to eat and readily digestible for your dog.

Q. Can I feed biscuits and treats as well to my dog?

A. The simple answer is yes of course you can. Basil’s Dog Food forms the cornerstone of your dog’s diet.

You can give your dog small quantities of his or her usual treats and biscuits, to supplement Basil’s Dog Food, much as you would do for yourself!

Q. What is meant by an evolutionary diet?

A. Give your dog the best!

To maximise your pet’s health, he/she requires protein from ources like their wild ancestors. Basil’s Dog Food Provides “first class” proteins, including chicken, beef and lamb.

These are the same human edible meats you would buy for yourself except the bones!

Our pets’ wild ancestors derived their fats, and more particularly their essential fatty acids, from raw carcasses of animals and also from pre-digested raw vegetable material.

To optimize your pets’ health, we supply fats from similar sources to those consumed in an evolutionary diet.

Q. At what age can I start feeding my puppy Basil’s Dog Food?

A. As soon as a puppy has been weaned, Basil’s Dog Food is suitable to feed. It is easily digested as the meat, bones and vegetables are all safely minced. All the nutrients contained in Basil’s will give your puppy an excellent start in life.


“I just discovered Basil’s and my dog has got his mojo back”

S. Burgess, Wiltshire

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