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Basil's Raw Dog Food Feeding Guide

How much food?

As a rule of thumb (or claw!) it is generally considered that your adult dog should consume around 2% – 3% of its own body weight per day.  So a medium sized dog, weighing 10 kg, should be served 200g – 300g of food per day.

Remember to adjust this for an active dog who may need a slightly larger serving than a dog less inclined to chase its tail!  Puppies of course have special requirements, around 5% of their body weight (depending on breed) gradually decreasing to the adult diet after around 9 months.

Check from time to time that you are feeding correctly – with so many breeds and varying activities, it is down to you to use some common sense. At the end of the day the guide is just that – a guide.

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“I've tried various dog foods, but nothing compares to the quality of Basil's!”

Paul H, Oxford

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