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Commitment to Quality & Price

Basil’s Dog Food is manufactured from the very best ingredients.  The minced meat and minced vegetables we use are all fit for human consumption.  The only reason you can’t eat Basil’s Dog Food is because it contains ground up bones.

Basil’s Dog Food is manufactured at a meat processing plant complete with on site vets and meat hygiene inspectors.  Consequently, we are able to use the very best and freshest ingredients bought at the best price, with the savings passed on to you.

Basil’s Dog Food forms the cornerstone of your dog’s diet.  You can compliment the diet with your usual mixer and treats.  Once your dog has tried Basil’s, you and your dog will appreciate the quality of the product which will speak for itself.  With Beef, Lamb and Chicken being supplied in a mixed box, it is easy to give your dog a variety (the spice of life!) during the week. The convenience for you the owner, combined with the quality of the food, makes Basil’s a unique and affordable dog food which we hope you will appreciate.


Quality Standard Mark Certificate:


Our pedigree has evolved from 60 years experience gained in all aspects of the meat industry.  As Master Butchers we have supplied products from farm to table, overseeing every stage of the food chain. This has encompassed employment, management, manufacturing procedures within abattoirs, large meat processing plants operations, and retail.  Working to the highest UK standards has enabled us to successfully supply both the local community and major national retailers.

We currently run two renowned and traditional butchers shops at Tockenham and Highworth, both in Wiltshire.  Our many discerning customers, who demand the finest produce, have highlighted the absence of a high quality raw dog food at an affordable price. Having successfully supplied our local customers, we are now offering Basil’s Dog Food nationally through our Online Shop.

Benefits of Bone and Raw Food (BARF)

As supporters of raw feeding, we believe that the natural diet of raw meat, bones, vegetables and iron rich offal, is nutritionally superior  to highly processed commercial pet food.

We believe that a balanced raw diet has many benefits which include a healthier coat, cleaner teeth and breath, reduced stool volume and odour and better overall health.  With added seasonal vegetables, Basil’s Dog Food provides a balanced and nutritional diet. Learn about the BARF diet.

Farm Assured

We use the best ingredients, sourced only from UK farms.  Increasingly more and more UK farms are converting to Farm Assured Standards, a development fully endorsed by all of us at Basil’s Dog Food.

  Chicken   Beef  
Ingredients Whole raw minced chicken  and ground bone - combined 70%. Minced carrot, turnip, broccoli and other seasonal  vegetables - combined 30%
  Prime minced beef cuts, ox heart and ground calf bone - combined 70%. Minced carrot, turnip, broccoli and other seasonal vegetables - combined 30%
  Minced lamb cuts, lamb hearts and ground lamb bone combined 70%. Minced carrot, turnip, broccoli and other seasonal vegetables - combined 30 %
Moisture 71.2%   72.2%   70.4%
Protein 14.1%   16.2%   14.6%
Total Fat 10.9%     7.8%   11.7%
Ash   1.9%     2.6%     1.3%
Fibre   0.5%     0.6%     0.6%
"At last, a convenient and safe way to feed BARF, without the mess!" A. J. Wollacott, Cirencester